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Comfort Matters Heating and Air LLC is a small business in Destin, FL focused on customer service, home comfort, efficient results and fair pricing.  We would love nothing more than to grow with our service areas and be known as the best HVAC company in town.  

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A message from the Owner: 

I am Drew Camire, a seasoned professional with over 8 years of experience in the HVAC industry, specializing primarily in residential heating and air conditioning services while also possessing valuable experience in various other departments. A long-time resident of the panhandle, I have dedicated substantial time to familiarizing myself with the communities within my specific service areas and their HVAC needs.

Throughout my career, working for others has afforded me insights into what distinguishes exemplary companies from those that fall short. When establishing my own business, it was imperative to me to uphold ethical standards and a customer-centric approach. Despite external pressures to prioritize sales over service, my mission has been to demonstrate that a service-oriented company can flourish by emphasizing customer service and delivering exceptional home solution options—eschewing inflated pricing and high-pressure sales tactics.

If you seek the highest quality service and wish to support a local business, I invite you to contact us. Rest assured, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing unparalleled service that won't disappoint.


I'm always looking forward to hearing from our new and existing customers. Let's connect!

If at any point, you were not completely happy with your service, give us a call and let us help correct that. 

If you were satisfied with your experience, please leave us a review on google or any platform you can find us.  Thanks! 


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